EL BUEN PASTOR # 38 (English version)

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: These and the previous messages have been translated as faithfully as possible from the original version (in Spanish), which is a full transcription of Our Lord's words recorded during the Cenacles. We are aware that although every effort has been made to do the work properly, slips and errors may have occurred. Therefore, if at any time you feel the wording and occasional faults prevent you from understanding the meaning of Our Lord's words, kindly contact us to
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September 16, 1994
My peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
Today I wish to address you in a special way, My spouses, My religious (nuns) consecrated to Me.
Have you forgotten your promise of fidelity so soon that I must remind you that everywhere and at all times, you must present yourselves as My property? Why have you abandoned the external signs of your consecration? Your body as well as your soul must wear at all times the seal of belonging to your God Whom you have espoused for all eternity. You have found other pleasures in the world, then, that are more agreeable than your intimate encounters with Me. Who has taught you to be more disposed to change according to the taste of humanity? Your way of dressing, speaking, behaving... who assures you, then, that being like the world you will manage to achieve greater successes? Could a good Spouse permit His wife to have other loves... without saying a word... when she has sworn fidelity to Him?
Beloved ones of My Heart, many souls await your example and your work. Do not think that it is troublesome to follow a Rule, as it is not to follow My commands. They are a safeguard that you must not escape from; rather, keep them and defend them.
You, the older ones, do not allow the spirit of the founders to be scorned. You, the novices, do not dare to try to introduce worldly manners into the house of your Spouse, because you will be repudiated like the foolish virgins who did not fill their lamps with the oil of the Holy Spirit.
Has not My Mother's example been enough for you? Do you think you are pleasing your mothers, Teresa and Catherine, more? There are so many of them who are and will always be your example. You are beginning to hear the voice of the world more than that of your God.
Know that if you do not change this attitude many souls will be lost and you will be responsible.
I tell those consecrated ones who keep the Holy Rule of their order and follow in everything the road of mortification and piety taught by your holy founders: do no fear! You have your Spouse at your side. Come to Me and I will always defend you since the loyal spouse will never be repudiated. Take those bad happenings out of My sight soon and do not put men in My place! Because you are Mine and the world must know it by your appearance and your behavious, since if you are ashamed of Me, do not expect anything from Me.
For your sake, My consecrated ones, that I have given today this THIRD FINAL WARNING.
Peace to those who hear, peace to those who wish to fulfill their obligations, peace to My faithful children. I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
The clean soul is moved by love with the Words of the Lord; the dirty soul, at the Voice of God, trembles with wrath and rejects it. Peace

John, Chapter 3, verses 21 to 24.


August 5, 1994 (First Friday of the Month)
My peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
I know well that the difficulties the Enemy presents to you are great, but do not let yourselves be conquered by them. Have recourse to My strength and you will conquer. No temptation that evil proposes to you will overcome or conquer you if you put in yourselves under My protection. Do not doubt it. I will intervene immediately if you give Me a place in your life.
Remember: if you are ashamed of Me and of My movement before men, I will be ashamed of you in the Kingdom of Heaven before the throne of My Father. If you want to have nothing to do with Me, do not ask Me for anything. And if you wish to be at My side, then commit yourselves, day by day in greater depth, since it is worth nothing to you to be good sometimes. A total surrender is necessary.
I bless you. Receive My blessing and strength to fulfill My Word in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
May My Words not return like the echo from the mountains, but reach your hearts, taking root in them and giving abundant fruit. Peace.

Matthew, Chapter 5, verses 13 to 16


July 29, 1994.
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
Verily, I tell you that you would believe much if you could see Me in person like this one (the seer) sees Me now and could receive My Words face to face. But your faith would no longer be at stake. Hear, then, My Voice and trust in My intervention.
Do not put your God in a place in your life where you can dominate Him and shut Him in, where you dedicate only HIS TIME to Him and nothing more than HIS TIME, a little or a lot, but always within the proper place for Him, without permitting Him to invade others areas of your life. Because, I, your Lord, am not a God deprived of movement; instead I show you My Hands which are free to offer you graces, and My feet to walk among you.
If you dedicate some time to Me, do not do it like a pagan ritual. If you must put order in your lives, it is for you and not for Me. Do not think, then, that I am only interested in seeing and hearing you when you dedicate some of your time to Me; nor speak to Me like you would to an inanimate being or to any kind of object built by man, since I am a living God... and to everyone who follows Me, I will give Life and a lot of words are not necessary as I know how to teach in silence. Seek My Voice in silence and you will find consolation, strength, peace. Do not let the movements of the Enemy disturb you, no matter how involved you have been with him. How many worse than you, by having recourse to Me in time, have saved their souls!
Have peace, trust in Me, receive strength from on high, those of you whose hearts are free from guilt, as not all of you here today are clean. I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
Be thankful that I have put a firm hand at your head; be thankful that I have placed an expert helmsman to take you to your destiny; be thankful that you are here today nearby when you could be far away. Peace.

II Timothy, Chapter 3, verses 1 to 9.


August 12, 1994.
Peace be with you, sheep of my fold.
Do not tire of doing good. May your good works speak for you, may they be your letter of presentation along the way. Live always prepared to offer something more to your neighbor, and always wish for the best benefits for him and, above all, the greatest benefit, the supreme benefit: the Kingdom of the Heavens. As hardened sinners do not slacken in their purposes; nor do the vicious wear themselves out by offending Me day after day, how is it that you, who say you are My followers, show yourselves tired of doing good? Do no weaken on this road. Do not stop, nor try to go back, looking for conveniences! Only he who surrenders everything will be able to receive a new life that I, My self, will give him by living in him.
Receive My peace together with My blessing in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").

John, Chapter 10; verses 1 to 16.


August 19, 1994.
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
Remember and always keep in mind that you are disciples of a Crucified Teacher and that those ideals that you propose to the world are madness and nonsense for it. That pain offered up, penance, are for the sensual and corrupt world of today a forgotten ancestral and pernicious idea from which one must struggle to detach himself on a basis of comfort. It is not this world, then, and you know it, the Kingdom of your God, but on the contrary, it is a field of action more appropriate for the prince of darkness. For that reason always remember that you are disciples of a Crucified Teacher and you will find lack of understanding and pain, and often you will feel tempted to abandon the road. But know, too, that I test them whom I love... to raise you nearer to Me and to give you a greater number of graces. Let nothing hold you back, nothing disturb you, nothing take away your strength, nothing distract you from your road. Come straight and safe to Me.
Peace be with you. I bless you for everything you have done to honor My Mother in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
You are My witnesses, and you cant only be a witness when you know the Truth. I am the Truth. You are My witnesses. Proceed according to Truth and you will be counted among the number of the saints, since this world does not need clever politicians, nor men who direct it with their talents. Humanity needs saints, followers of Truth. Decide now; I am waiting for you. Peace.

Mark, Chapter 27, verses 11 to 26.


August 26, 1994.
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
A shepherd, with great diligence and much work managed to gather together an enormous and splendid flock which he put in his corral, fastening the door with a heavy chain and then going off to rest, trusting in this safeguard. But the enemy arrived at the place unnoticed and on checking the chain found some links that were not as resistant as the rest, and working on them secretly day by day, succeeded in making them lose solidity, and the force of the other links to hold the door was useless, as by breaking some of the links, the chain lost its solidity and the force of the other links to hold the door gave way to the pressure of the sheep that began to scatter again and many of them were lost forever, to the great sorrow of the shepherd.
Have you, by any chance, understood what I propose to you? I am the Good Shepherd, the corral is My Church; the sheep, humanity; the enemy, the Devil; the links of the chain, My Apostles of the Last Times.
If the enemy by working on you, finds you weak because you have not put into practice the arms that I have taught you, the enormous force of your brethern is worth nothing and your decadence will make the plans for the salvation of mahy souls fail. For that reason, fortify yourselves in unity, in love, in the practice of virtue and do not give way at your posts to any temptation. Meditate on this.
I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
My peace seeks to reach your hearts; receive it, prepare yourselves to receive it, and it will be with you. Peace.

Romans, Chapter 15, verses 1 to 8.


September 23, 1994
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
In many places, My messages continue to be criticized for their harshness. But what would you think of that doctor, who although he recognizes the mortal illness of his patient, does not apply the treatment corresponding to it because it is very painful, and he allows the illness to advance until it finishes off this person? Would not this invalid, perhaps, prefer a painful but effective treatment to counteract the effects of this illness? Well then, the whole of humanity is a sick body and I, the Great Doctor of souls, will heal it, or at least alleviate its sufferings partially, by applying the necessary remedy so that it reacts favorably. This remedy is My Words, and this is the instrument that I make use of, since as long as I have things to say, I use human instruments, so that My Glory is shown even greater in their defects, and in the perfection of My advice.
Do not, then, let the harshness of My Words grieve you, since this harshness is necessary to wake up sleeping hearts, wills calloused in evil, and make many turn their eyes to Me. Once they find the road, I will be all sweetness and Mercy for them, and My pardon will save many. But it is necessary that this voice not be silenced as there is still much to say.
Have peace and follow with confidence the advice that springs from My Love for you. It is because I love you that I correct you continually. Let the world listen to the voice of the world; you, follow the Voice of your Shepherd.
I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
Make an effort to pray better and let your lips reflect your heart. Peace.
Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 15 to 20.


October 14, 1994
My peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
Hard and weary will be the road of him who must take My Words to men, as calumny and mockery will surround him continually. Persecution and traps will threaten his life and strong diabolical temptations will never abandon him, trying for his eternal damnation since there is great joy in Hell when one of My messengers fails in his mission. But happy is that good and faithful servant whom the Lord finds awake at His coming, as He will reward his fidelity with the treasure of Eternal Life and suffering for suffering will be transformed into joys. All tears will be dried, and I, the Lord, will be his eternal companion.
It is difficult and it will be, that this humanity accept My messengers, since accepting them means to return to Me, renouncing their evil, and as you know well, not all of them are disposed to. But even for those few, I must continue sending My Voice through men until the number of those who follow Me faithfully is complete. For that reason, do not cease this work of transmission of My call everywhere and to the whole world. I am the King who invites to the wedding banquet and he who has his heart in worldly things is good for nothing in the Kingdom of God.
Peace be whit you. The more you leave aside to follow Me, the more you will obtain from Me in this and in the other Life, since you follow the Voice of Him who has all power in Heaven, on earth and in the abysms.
I bless you. Receive My blessing in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen".)
Do not fear as My burden is soft and My yoke is light. Do not chain yourselves to that one who inconveniences your salvation.
And always remember that the Day of the Lord is very near. Peace.

II Corinthians, Chapter 10, verses 7 to 11.


October 7, 1994 (First Friday of the Month)
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
You do not know how much you relieve My sufferings when you voluntarily offer yourselves in sacrifice to atone for so many offenses committed day by day against My Heart.
Know that I have special graces reserved for them who wish to suffer for My Name, since whoever wants to keep his life will lose it, and whoever wants to give it for Me, will keep it eternally.
You honor My Holy Mother in a special way today and at Her request, I will grant for as many Rosaries as you pray in this Sanctuary (only during the following week) will receive special attention, and the graces solicited in them will be brought to Me by My greater Archangels. Be thankful for this new gesture of love from My Mother, your Mother, for each one of you and ask with confidence since I will not fall short on My Word as I never have done, nor will Mother and ask with confidence for I will not fail to keep My word as I have never done and will never do.
Pray in a very special way for My Vicar on earth. He has urgent need of your help.
I bless you. Receive health and strength in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen".)
Seek to alleviate the pain of your fellow-men, but, above all, concern yourselves with avoiding his fall into Hell, eternal pain, eternal damnation. If you do this you are worthy disciples of this Teacher.
May My peace remain with you.

Baruch, Chapter 1, verses 5 to 10.


September 30, 1994
Peace be with you, sheep of My fold.
I know well that your lives are replete with difficulties and if I permit them, it is four your mutual sanctification in two ways: permitting those who can, know and have more to help those who can, know and have less, thus earning merits for the Heavenly Kingdom. But it is also My desire that those who can, know or have less know how to ask their brethern, and putting their pride in its place, declare themselves in need of help. Since he is as hypocritical who says he loves God whom he does not see while he disregards his fellow-man as he who expects help only from God, without relating himself to those around him. That is why I have put some of you together with others so that you help each other mutually, and so that you conquer your pride, asking in your needs from them in whom you can trust in one way or another; these deficiencies help the spiritual progress of everyone and that is why I allow them.
Have peace. Live in peace with one another and show your Love in the concern for the salvation of many souls which are still far from Me.
I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ("Amen").
Do not forget to always behave as messengers of My Mercy. Peace.
Osee, Chapter 2, verses 14 to 22.


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